Every Woman has an Inner Goddess that Inspires her Confidence, Gives her Strength and let's her Know just when to be a Frisky, Sexy Skitzo Kitty.

Skitzo Kitty Lingerie and Gifts allows you to explore, experiment, and experience just how far your inner Skitzo Kitty can take you and that special someone.

So come in and have some fun…Explore our New Look, New Management, and New Attitude. Experiment with our wide variety of Unique, Up-To-Date and State-of-the-Art Merchandise, and Experience our Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Professional all Female Staff.

We're proud to announce the launch of our Skitzo Kitty Lingerie Plus Boutique. A completely separate store of plus size lingerie, semi-custom & custom corseting and waist cinching products.

Curiosity got the best of you? Don't worry, it never killed a Skitzo Kitty.

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